The Future Of Energy Consumption Is Arriving

The Future Of Energy Consumption Is Arriving

Ample, The Community Led Energy Revolution

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Giving the Tools and Motivation To Conserve

Our AI algorithms are trained to recognise all of your devices, all from a single sensor.

Giving the Tools and Motivation To Conserve

Profit from your savings by trading excess consumption rights with others.

Become part of an Energy Saving Community

Compete with neighbors and friends for smart saver status, earn tokens from them by saving smarter

Problem & Solution

In universities around the world, millions of dollars worth of energy are wasted every year. Dormitory residents on fixed rates have no incentive to be efficient. In campus buildings, lights and air conditioners are left on when nobody is in the room.

With Ample, we create an energy saving community, with a blockchain based energy Cap-and-Trade economy at its heart. Students and faculty earn tokens from each other by saving energy. These tokens, coupled with our other behavioral interventions, create a network of nudges that make reducing consumption as easy as separating your trash.

How it works?

Pilot Schemes

Two pilot programs to showcase the Ample system are currently under development in Shanghai. One among the environmental community in the city and the other on the campus of the China-UK Low Carbon College (and in dormitories in cooperation with another university).







About Ample

Ample is a team of engineers, designers, and researchers who are passionate about bringing innovations in technology and psychology to bear on energy efficiency and demand management. We're the first place to go when communities and businesses want to reduce their energy consumption and reliance on fossil fuels.



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